Acá D.I.O.S.

Acá D.I.O.S. (Damos Instrumentos o Soluciones) / Here G.O.D. (We Give Instruments and Solutions) is a toolbox, a work platform, a mobile facility. It is an action from three sculptures composed of a serial work platforms, forklifts and carts. The work has three instances. In the early days of exhibition´s montage is a collaborative action where the group provides, on loan through a pact of speech, carts for the galleries that require to move work. The carts are colored to distinguish which one belongs to Acá D.I.O.S.
As a second instance, once the montage of the fair is done, it is built a sculptural installation of carts structured in the three elevated workplatforms and placed in the field of Petrobras Award ’07. The platforms have a height of 8 meters at its maximum extension, and placed at different heights creating a space determined. At the foot of the platforms will be installed a small flat-screen recording the first day of the montage. The third body of work is equal to the first but in this case involves the dismantling of the fair.


The Double Suspension artist collective (Mercedes Azpilicueta, Irina Kirchuk, Juan Odriozola, Fernando Sucari and Guido Yannitto) presented ACÁ D.I.O.S (Damos instrumentos o Soluciones)  as one of the five projects selected and received the economic support of $12,000 (twelve thousand Argentine pesos) for its execution and exhibition in the 19th Contemporary Art Fair, arteBA´10.