Hemisphere is a project made in Antartica. It refers to a dialectical, geographical (North/South hemisphere), mental (right/left hemisphere) situation. With Antarctica being a radical environment that could be considered as a geographical shift, Hemisphere is presented as an undefined state where the body is located in an idea of territory and landscape and also in an undetermined state of mind.

Initially, my project consisted in research about the use of fresh water at the military bases. The fact that Antarctica is the largest fresh water reservoir in our planet was related to works I have been developing where water was conceived as an essential material. “Hacer agua” (making water) is an expression used by people who work at the bases to refer to the activity of producing the water to be consumed, because, despite the fact that it is the largest water reservoir, it is hard to obtain. I filmed this video, while the members of the base were performing this activity.


Isla medialuna. Antártida. 2012


Avistaje” (sight, view) is an abstract drawing made from footprints while walking on the slope of a volcano where the directions of the lines are marked by mirrors left on the ground. They also work as spontaneous nodes of direction. The audio in this video is the live recording of the statics produced by the radio at the military base.


Deception Island. Antártida. 2012