Ceramic carboy (water purifiers) Colloidal silver plated

Sculture/ Variable dimensions.




This piece resulted from research done on water, beginning on a trip to Antarctica and continued in Mexico, where the first edition of this multiples was elaborated.

Tanque/tinaco is a prototype of water purifiers.

It is a limited edition of ceramic bottles with a colloidal silver bath*, a natural disinfectant that eliminates germs and bacteria in the water.

They are sculptures as well as utilitarian items, prototypes to be introduced in a water tank of a house to get it purified.

Mexico City, with over 25 million inhabitants, has no drinking water. This project outlines an ideal autonomous alternative to corporative water market.

We developed two different types of water purifiers using ceramic recipients and with colloidal silver. One is the 1.3 liter bottle (white bottle), which has a silver bath in the internal base, and the purifier (dark bottle), which should be introduced in a tank to purify the water it contains.


Colloidal silver is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria and germs while being in contact with the water. These bottles are used for water consumption. This work is the result of a three-month research in Mexico City thanks to a FONCA grant. (National Fund for Culture)